3 Helpful Tips for a Fall Yard Cleanup

Making Yard Cleanup Easier and Faster

Preparing for fall yard cleanup is a great way to make sure your lawn looks great when the leaves have changed colors! You don’t need to spend hours raking up leaves from your yard, so follow these 3 helpful tips to make the job easier! If you’re interested in hiring a fall yard cleanup service, be sure to check out the services offered by a professional landscaping company.

Identify Larger Limbs

All trees and plants need to be cut back before the fall; however, large limbs and branches may need additional attention. Make sure to call professionals for fall yard cleanup if you have large trees or have plans to add a tree to your landscape. Removing large limbs from trees is dangerous and should be left to a trained and experienced team.

Cutting Back Hard-to-Reach Plants

If a plant is growing too close to a fence, driveway, or walkway, cut it back. It’s best to cut back plants that grow close to walkways so that you don’t trip or have accidents. It’s also important to cut back plants that are growing close to your fence so that it doesn’t grow through the fence and into your neighbor’s yard. You can also cut back plants that you don’t want to look unattractive.

Raking Leaves Inwards

It’s important to rake leaves inwards rather than outwards when putting them in your yard. If you don’t, the leaves will blow over into the neighbor’s yard and onto their driveway. Before you call it a day, be sure to rake the perimeter of your yard so that leaves don’t blow into the space of your neighbors.

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