Beyond Fall Yard Cleanup: We Can Also Assist You With Lawn Aeration!

Property owners in Rochester, MN know that they can rely on Services By Pete of Rochester Inc whenever they need help with spring and fall yard cleanup. However, cleanups aren’t the only services that we offer — we also help our customers with aerating their lawn! If you need expert assistance with the aeration process, don’t hesitate to call our team.

Why Is Lawn Aeration Important?

When people think of lawn care, they usually just focus on mowing, edging, trimming, weeding, and fertilizing. But, while these steps are certainly important, you shouldn’t just stop there! You should also aerate your lawn to ensure that water, sunlight, nutrients, and oxygen will be able to reach the lawn roots. Through proper aeration, you can encourage your lawn to develop a deep and healthy root system, which will lead to strong and vibrant grass that’s highly resistant to weeds, pests, and diseases.

Lawn Aeration: Should You DIY or Not?

It’s possible to aerate lawns on your own, but you might end up damaging the grass and doing more harm than good if you aren’t familiar with the process. So, instead of going through the hassle of DIY work, why not hire our team? We’ll take care of the lawn aeration process from beginning to end, leaving you nothing to worry about and ensuring that your lawn will be healthier and stronger. We’ll use modern tools to finish the aeration process within the ideal time frame, and we rely on advanced techniques to maximize the benefits that aeration can bring and provide the quality results you deserve.

Get in Touch with Our Team

Services By Pete of Rochester Inc is the right company to approach if you need help with lawn aeration. Reach out to our trusted specialists today! You can also dial (507) 246-0819 if you’re looking for professional fall yard cleanup services and other top-notch landscaping solutions in Rochester, MN.