Importance of Fall Yard Cleanup for Your Lawn

Fall Cleaning

Various plants will begin to hibernate or shut down most of their food process right before winter. This is because, during winter, they won’t be getting a lot of sunshine. They will really shed their leaves so all their energy will be going to keep them alive the entire winter season. In fall, your yard and lawn will be littered with leaves and branches. Not doing fall yard cleanup because you’re thinking that snow will cover the dead leaves anyway is an understandable decision.

Prevents and Eliminates Diseases

Those excess dead leaves that will litter your lawn will block valuable sunlight from feeding the grass below it, reducing the chance for water to evaporate. Over time, the mold, fungi, and other things will only grow from there. All these things will affect the lawn’s vigor and overall health. For example, fungal disease can cause discolored rings on the lawn or those ugly patches you hate seeing. If everything is left as is, it can spread and limit water from seeping into the roots, basically starving the lawn and causing it to ultimately wither and die.

Aerating Lawns

Lawn aeration is basically one of the processes that professional lawn fall clean-up does. Aerating is just perforating the lawn’s soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to seep into the grassroots. It’s a critical process if you really want a healthy lawn. In a clean-up, professionals aerate the lawn after cleaning the plant debris and fallen leaves. This can really alleviate the compact soul which can stifle air circulation and absorption of various nutrients your lawn needs.

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