It’s Time for a Fall Yard Cleanup

Bad Impacts of an Unkempt Yard

Having an unkempt yard can have a negative impact on more than just the aesthetics of your home. An overgrown or messy lawn can cause serious damage to your property, disrupt the local ecosystem, and even lead to health problems. Keep reading to learn about some of the bad impacts of having an unkempt yard and how to get started on a fall yard cleanup.

Health Impact

Having an unkempt yard can have a significant health impact on both people and animals that come into contact with it. Overgrown yards are an ideal breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes, ticks, ants, and fleas which can carry dangerous diseases such as malaria, Lyme disease, West Nile virus, and more. Additionally, the presence of standing water in an unkempt yard can lead to the growth of algae which releases toxins into the air, posing a potential health hazard.

Property Damage

An overgrown yard can also cause property damage. If left unchecked, weeds and other plants may start to encroach on walkways and driveways, breaking up the pavement and making them unsafe to walk on. Trees may also start to grow too close to the house, causing cracks in the foundation or roof damage due to leaning branches. In addition, improperly maintained lawns can lead to an increase in soil erosion, which can result in costly repairs.

Environmental Impact

Having an unkempt yard can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Without regular maintenance, invasive plants may start to overtake native species and disrupt the local ecosystem. This disruption can lead to a decrease in biodiversity, as well as an increase in soil pollutants such as nitrates and phosphates, which can contaminate nearby water sources.


Maintaining a yard can be expensive. Lawns require regular mowing and fertilization, as well as occasional weeding and trimming of shrubs and trees. All of this requires time or money, both of which may be in short supply for some homeowners. Therefore, the long-term financial costs associated with an unkempt yard can add up quickly if left unchecked.

Having an unkempt yard can have a variety of negative impacts, from health and environmental concerns to property damage and financial costs. If you need fall yard cleanup in Rochester, MN, feel free to call Services By Pete of Rochester Inc at (507) 246-0819.