Experience Reliable Snow Removal and a Lush Lawn With Us

Are you tired of dealing with the aftermath of heavy snowfall in Rochester, MN? Look no further, as Services By Pete of Rochester Inc is here to provide you with reliable snow removal services that keep your property accessible and safe during the winter months. But why stop at just snow removal? Our versatile team also specializes in over-seeding, ensuring your lawn stays lush and healthy all year round.

The Art of Over-seeding for a Thriving Lawn

Our company uses high-quality seeds that are best suited for the specific conditions of the area. We carefully assess factors like soil composition, sun exposure, and drainage patterns to create an effective over-seeding plan tailored to your lawn’s needs.

We then employ specialized equipment designed to evenly distribute seeds throughout your yard while minimizing disruption to existing grass. By opting for our over-seeding service, you can enjoy a thicker, greener lawn resistant to droughts, diseases, pests – making it easier for us when handling reliable snow removal duties after heavy storms.

Nurturing Your Lawn Year-Round: The Advantages

Maintaining a lush lawn throughout the seasons offers plenty of benefits:

  • Healthy growth: Over-seeding fills in bare spots caused by foot traffic or harsh weather conditions, helping new grassroots establish themselves quickly amidst existing grass.
  • Pest deterrence: A well-maintained lawn discourages pests such as grubs and rodents from inhabiting your property, protecting not just your yard but also your home’s foundation.
  • Soil protection: Our over-seeding service helps restore the soil’s nutrients while providing additional coverage that prevents erosion during rainstorms or snow removal tasks following heavy winter blizzards.

In addition to these advantages, a beautifully maintained lawn can enhance the curb appeal of any residential or commercial property. Coupled with our dependable snow removal services, Services By Pete of Rochester Inc ensures both safety and aesthetic value for properties in Rochester, MN.

Don’t let mother nature get the best of you; invest in a comprehensive care plan for your landscape by combining snow removal with expert over-seeding services. Give us a call today at (507) 246-0819 and work with a team that truly cares about preserving the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces.