A Clear Property Can Be Achieved With Our Snow Removal Service

Snow is a difficult season for almost all homeowners, and removing it is a huge challenge. Luckily, you can hire professionals to help you with this job. Services By Pete of Rochester Inc is a reputable company that offers exceptional snow removal services at competitive rates. We’re happy to serve residential and commercial clients throughout Rochester, MN and the nearby areas!

Snow Removal in Rochester, MN

Why Remove Snow

You can’t keep snow on the ground for too long because it can cause major damage to the landscape. It’s not good for the grass and other plants, and it can even accumulate and cause damage to underground utilities such as cables and pipes. Every inch of land on your property should be used effectively, and snow removal is a great way to utilize that space. You can use it to create a small area for new plants or install a new garden. It’s up to you and your preferences!

We Provide Great Results

Our snow removal team knows the right techniques when removing snow. We use specialized equipment such as snowplows and front-end loaders to clear driveways and sidewalks. Plus, we also use a variety of vehicles such as SUVs and trucks for this task, depending on how much snow there is and how long it will take to remove. Our professionals wear protective equipment and use quality tools and machines to ensure that the snow is gone in a matter of minutes. It’s a great feeling when we can say we removed all the snow in your yard and driveway and you can move about in the fresh air at last!

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