Snow Removal: Winter Snow Damages to Homes

Snow-Related Property Damage

Nothing can compare to the magic of waking up to fresh snow in the street as a child. However, upon becoming a homeowner, snowfall becomes less of a magical landscape and more of a concern. Snow and ice may inflict a large amount of damage on your external property, costing as much as several cash in restorative work if you are unprepared. Keep reading below to see how snow can affect your home and why you need snow removal services immediately.

Gutter Damage

Moreover, the ice dams destroy your roof and gutters as well. The melting of snow and ice at the base of the roof results in the expansion of water. This causes the gutters to separate from your home. The downspouts may also carry water from the melting of snow and ice. This water must not refreeze as otherwise detached downspouts from your house. If it occurs, urgent repairs might be needed.

Driveway Damage

Cracked driveways should therefore be checked out throughout the same year. Frost heaves occur when water seeps into the cracks during the winter and freezes. Freezing of the water results in expansion, which leads to bigger cracks and potholes on your driveway. In most cases, this is likely to happen immediately after a snowfall; hence, you need to exercise caution in wintry weather.

Tree Damage

Trees appear strong and sturdy in the spring and summer. Trees and their branches can, for instance, be vulnerable to wind, ice, and snow. The branch breaks and even the whole tree falls apart when covered with snow. If the branches fall, they might destroy your house, car, or shed, among others.

Foundation Damage

Likewise, cracking may occur in a home foundation due to the same freezing and unfreezing and expanding and thawing cycles. These involve naturally occurring small cracks in the concrete of the foundation, which enlarge during the cold winter months. Some of the most serious home damages that snow has been known to leave on a dwelling include cracks in the concrete foundation.

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